Laser Work


21st Century technology has produced the means and machinery to dramatically upgrade and enhance Promotional, Recognition and Achievement presentations. High output Lasers can produce sharpness of detail that until recently would have been cost prohibitive.


The process to reproduce artwork, copy, and logos is greatly enhanced by computer-driven Laser equipment, and is limited only by the skills and expertise of the graphics technician responsible. American Western Awards was an early innovator in the 1980’s creation of practical computer-driven engraving machines; and subsequently among the pioneers in the 1990’s of the first effective computer-laser devices. As the company founders, we bring over 100 years of experience and practical application of engraving – and now lasering – technology to the new Century!


The use of Lasers in the Awards and Promotional industry covers a wide range of items and materials. Important among these various uses is the crisp, detailed depth possible. An extremely handsome and rich look is gained when using a Laser device on everything from Optical Lead Crystal to marble or granite. Even less costly materials such as acrylics or other synthetic composites can gain significant appeal when imprinted using a Laser.


Aside from the purely aesthetic improvement over conventional means of imprint, a more practical benefit is the permanence of dimensional art and copy—a leap of light years over non-permanent methods such as silk-screening or sublimation surface applications.


In short, the advent of Laser technology when used with experienced practical application and in concert with the economies of scale can add a tremendous upward level to any promotional application or awards presentation. And, as future upgrades arrive, our use of this exciting application will only improve and expand.