Fabrication & Mounting

American Western Awards is far more than just a “trophy company”—we offer a complete in-house capability covering all aspects related to promotional items, awards, recognition, engraving, and lasering. Through the years we have found that the ability to provide custom fabrication and mounting has been a valuable service to our customer base.
Occasionally a business, school, or individual will have the need to find suitable presentation bases, wall plaques, or other components upon which to mount an existing sculpture, memento, or other item of value. We provide an extensive array of marble, granite, walnut, and ebony (plus a myriad of additional finishes) bases and wall mounts to facilitate such requests. If the method can be conceptualized, we can provide the materials and workmanship to complete it.
Special processes we handle (related to our industry) include drilling, laminating, providing mounting hardware, embedding, permanent epoxying, lasering, hanging, plating,—and just about every “ing” imaginable!
Over the years in this trade, we have gradually implemented in-house capabilities to maintain quality and control over production as well as to save our customers the considerable extra expense of costly outsourcing. Saving the time and frustration of chasing after related components and labor has been found to be a valuable service we provide with every order—every day.